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Alytech is a diverse company with a single focus - to provide world-class innovations aimed at renewing and reusing resources. Whether it is supplying machines for processing solid and liquid medical waste on site, eliminating the need for costly transportion of medical waste, or providing smart wireless tank and liquid controls and alarms, our endeavours have produced remarkable results to date.


As the world’s available resources dwindle, community and government are actively seeking sensible solutions to growing societal demands. Alytech have the capacity and the ambition to deliver precisely the right products and services to solve these dilemmas. Utilising the skills of dedicated professionals, the company is able to mobilise quickly and efficiently to deal with waste issues, while providing workable solutions on time and within budget.


Drum Alarm - Gizmo Engineering

Foolproof, durable process control products. Simple to install and operate by design. Gladly customized for your needs.

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