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Alymed Steriliser


Alymed Steriliser is a uniquely eco-friendly, biodegradable disinfectant solution which has been approved for use in the SteriMed Systems. Alymed Steriliser is registered in Australia for use in the treatment of medical waste. During the Alymed disinfecting cycle, the concentration of Alymed Steriliser is approximately 0.5 percent of the total volume of liquids. The Alymed Steriliser disinfectant, in conjunction with the Alymed Systems, has been tested in independent laboratories. The discharge of Alymed effluent (with a low concentration of the disinfectant) into the sewer system is accepted by wastewater treatment authorities. 


Alymed Steriliser is patented and used in all Alymed devises. The Alymed Systems using Alymed Steriliser enable generators of medical waste, such as clinics, hospitals and laboratories, to significantly reduce cost for treatment and disposal of medical waste.



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