Products  for the Onsite medical waste disposal,  eliminating the need for costly transportations of medical waste. 







 AlyMed 700

The AlyMed 700 is newest and most advance a compact unit in market worldwide. This unit simultaneously shreds and disinfects medical waste, reducing its volume by up to 90%, and rendering it harmless for disposal as ordinary waste. The AlyMed 700 is a patented, environmentally-friendly, on-site disinfecting and destruction unit that can process regulated clinical waste, including sharps, dialysis filters, pads, bandages, plastic tubing and even glass, in a 20 minute cycle. The units, comparable in size to a washer/dryer, simultaneously shred, grind, mix and disinfect the waste. After treatment, the material may be discarded as conventional solid waste, in accordance with appropriate regulatory requirements. 

Reports  can be collected by remote computer and techical support is via the internet.

The AlyMed Systems enable generators of medical waste, such as clinics, hospitals and laboratories, to significantly reduce cost for treatment and disposal of medical waste.




SteriMed 700 (Hygimed)

The SteriMed 700 (also known as Hygimed) is effective system to turn biological waste to sanitary waste on-site. The SteriMed 700 combines environmentally friendly disinfectant with strong and effective shredding processes, ending with a 90% volume reduction of disinfected waste. The simultaneous shredding and disinfectioning assures direct contact between all parts of the waste and the disinfecting solution that allows destruction of the pathogenic biological elements. The SteriMed 700 comes with many optional extras not previously available. 



Green Ster-Cid

The Green Ster-Cid is a disinfection agent of SteriMed 700, provide disinfection levels higher than regulatory requirements in 5 minutes, with NO environmental impact.  The Green Ster-Cid is chemically degraded during the process, which occurs simultaneously with the degradation of organic matter in the waste. Thirty minutes after process the Green Ster-Cid is naturally and totally degraded. 


SteriMix 200

 SteriMix  200 is devised for disposal of liquid medical waste after treatment with Green Ster-Cid. The SteriMix can treat any liquid waste no matter the liquid viscosity in a safe manner and with minimal labour. This is a great solution to process liquid medical waste on site.   The SteriMix enables generators of liquid medical waste, such as laboratories, clinics and hospitals, to significantly reduce cost for treatment and disposal of liquid medical waste.



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