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 AlyMed® 700/120 

Whether your facility is a hospital, surgical centre, dialysis centre, blood bank, nursing home, or veterinary clinic, a Alymed waste disposal management system can reduce your medical waste disposal costs by 50 percent over traditional waste transport.

With fixed costs per Kg for medical waste treatment, you can see the savings begin in the first month.

Imagine for a moment what it would mean to your facility to reduce a mountain of medical waste into a small unrecognizable shredded, confetti-like substance, Now imagines the impact that would have on your bottom line. The annual costs for waste disposal management reaches into the tens of thousands of dollars. Alymed onsite medical waste treatment, however, is typically 50 percent less than the cost of offsite waste transport and offers environmental and risk reduction benefits.

What are you waiting for? A Alymed waste disposal management system is ready for you to install. 

The AlyMed® 700is newest and most advance a compact unit in market worldwide. This unit simultaneously shreds and disinfects medical waste, reducing its volume by up to 90%, and rendering it harmless for disposal as ordinary waste. The AlyMed® 700 is a patented, environmentally-friendly, on-site disinfecting and destruction unit that can process 150 liters regulated clinical waste, including sharps, dialysis filters, pads, bandages, plastic tubing and even glass, in a 20-minute cycle. The units, comparable in size to a washer/dryer, simultaneously shred, grind, mix and disinfect the waste. After treatment, the material may be discarded as conventional solid waste, in accordance with appropriate regulatory requirements. 

The units — comparable in size to a big photocopier — simultaneously shred, grind, mix and disinfect the waste with the proprietary Alymed Steriliser solution. After the treatment of medical waste, the resulting material may be discarded as conventional waste, in accordance with solid waste requirements.

Each system features an intuitive user interface with a message display to communicate to the operator the status of the automatic disinfection and destruction process. The system is placed into an automatic cycle by the simple press of the “start” push button. The time for clinical personnel to load and start an automatic cycle is less than 1-minute per cycle.

The AlyMed Systems enable generators of medical waste, such as clinics, hospitals and laboratories, to significantly reduce cost for treatment and disposal of medical waste. All Alymed Systems use Alymed Steriliser only as a chemical for sterilization.

AlyMed® 700 can treat 120 litres of biological medical waste in one 20-minute cycle, ending with a volume reduction of up to 90% and turning infected waste into sanitary waste with almost no environmental impact. The process is controlled by a sophisticated user-friendly operation program and touch- screen display that shows in real-time cycle stage and allow reports to be collected by remote computer and technical support via the internet.

AlyMed® 700can treat simultaneously all type of waste, including sharps, dialysis sets, laboratory waste, bacteria cultures, fluids, etc. It is manufactured under ANZSIC quality standards. AlyMed® 700is operated automatically with no exposure of the operator to the waste or the chemical during the process.

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